Saturday, June 25, 2011

Parting like it's the end of the world

 By Jolibee Fernandez

That was after watching 2012, the movie, when I curiously wondered how humanity will really come to an end.
                 Well, who can tell? Nobody knows, but probably not that much. However, I truly know that not everyone, not even I, is looking forward nor wishing such doomsday to turn out.
                 “If the bee disappeared of the surface of the globe, the man would only have four years of life left. No more animals, no more pollination, no more plants, no more man.” Albert Einstein once said this. Lately, the world is abuzz with the occurrence of different calamities. Wherever in this world, be it in moorland, lowland, local or international and even in the deserts, droughts and floods subsisted. How alarming! Land deformations, rising of sea levels, avalanches, blizzards, contractible diseases, earthquakes, cyclones, famines, floods, landslides, heat waves, storms, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, wildfires and climate change are a number of phenomena which we are now afraid of. Yes, the world is certainly different now! And here’s how the theories and concepts of 2012 emerged. But does it really makes sense thinking that these are all warning signs that the world will be thrown into utter chaos and violent upheaval soon? Or that these catastrophes are fuss on what the Bible foresees about the completion of creation?
What’s on your mind?
2012, this date has been much chattered to spread alarm and puzzlement of every people. From all those plotted presumptions and tales of end, such date has been marked and awaited to what is really supposed to happen. I was blown out knowing that there are already some cultures who already knew little about the true implication of 2012 and what it stands for yet again, this is accordance to their ancient beliefs.
Hopi: They have predicted the coming of the White Man and the existence of new age where all of this will come to an end and that humanity will enter into 5th world.
Mayans: They have the long count calendar that is coming to an end, according to them, we are about to enter the completion of creation.
Hindus: they follow the lunar calendar that foresees the end of Kali Yuga (end time of man) and rebirth of enlightened ones.
Incas: The Inca calendar says to end the year 2012 which for them is the turning over of life and alignment of the Earth, Sun and our galaxy soon.
Those are just main civilizations that points towards the prediction of the coming age. I personally have a natural feeling to fear these 2012 prophecies just like what my eyes have glimpsed of the movie 2012 especially that the said date is so close by after this year.  Of course, whoever perceives this will truly be alarmed into panic. Anything could happen and I know that the term Armageddon is possible. So possible that Jesus may return at any time or any certain events must take place prior to his comeback. One has really no control beyond of it for God only knows if this will happen and how. So instead of wasting time disputing to such unwanted event, I’d rather live life as if it’s my last day to which I could justly feel the essence of my existence in this world
Yes, the questions in my mind will remain unanswered not unless I’ve witnessed our earth so close to crashing (I do not hope so). Therefore, I don’t believe that humankind will vanish nor earth will burn up in the upcoming 2012 because of 3 reasons. (1) No one yet has ever made predictions except God (2) It was said that the world will end many times yet we’re still here kicking and (3) to see is to believe. What’s expected for sure is that more natural calamites will approach in the coming years due to disturbances in the balance of nature caused by our reckless exploitation of nature. And I assume that such a day will just pass like any ordinary day, God’s with me and with every earthlings, the details are just theory and some might be false already and I need not to be alarmed for nothing bad can ever happen!  

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