Monday, September 3, 2012

BSIS celebrates IS Fun Day

By Jorgielyn Serfino

Students from Bachelor of Science in Information System gathered together during their IS Fun Day at Guerrero Farm and Nature Park, Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City last Thursday, August 2, 2012.
With the theme “Discover the gift of nature, explore and learn”, the hosting juniors spiced up the atmosphere by grouping students from first year to fourth year into eight teams each representing the color of their shirts.
Each team united and vied to win the prizes during the start of the game and 10 sections showcased their talents during the presentation.
Meanwhile, the freshmen were given the chance to know and make friends with students from the higher years during their initiation and signature hunting inside the school a week before the said acquaintance party.
Announcement of winners marked the latter part of the event having yellow team as the winner of the amazing race, black team in the sack race and BSIS 2B got the first place for having the best presentation worth 96 out of 100 points; BSIS 2A and 3C followed, both garnering 87 points.
IS Fun Day 2012, which is celebrated annually, aimed to unite and develop camaraderie among BSIS students and instructors.
 Through the efforts and cooperation of the faculty and third year students who hosted the fun day, this year’s acquaintance party became a memorable and successful one.
“Knowing that everybody enjoyed the event, our efforts are well compensated”, the BSIS juniors quoted.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Enrollment Rate Increases by 7%

by Joefell Francis Balagosa with reports from Romela Christy Magturo
CHMSC StudentsAcademic Year 2012-2013 enrollment rate for the first semester increased by seven percent compared to last year, record released by the Office of the Registrar on June 28.
Lorna T. Cachero, Dev. Ed. D., Director of the Admissions and Registrar presented the report with Alijis Campus having the highest increase of 18%.
Record shows that Post-Graduate Education has 11 enrollees, Graduate Education with 394 enrollees, Civil Engineering with 285, Bachelor of Secondary Education with 826, BS in Industrial Technology with 2063, and Bachelor of Elementary Education with 1064.
Meanwhile, BS in Fisheries has 263 enrollees, BS in Accountancy with 225, BS in Business Administration with 1189, BS in Office Administration with 203, BS in Information System with 895, BS in Information Technology with 684, BS in Entrepreneurship with 140, BS of Technical Teacher Education with 66, BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management with 282, BS in Criminology with 749, Bachelor of Arts with 257, Teacher Cert Program with 55, and BS in Accounting Technology with 367.

Associate in Information System, Office Administration and Industrial Technology have a total of 590 enrollees. In the other hand, Laboratory school’s Basic Education (Elementary) has 223 enrollees and Basic Education (Secondary) with 167; Preschool has 71 enrollees.
Talisay Campus increased by five percent compared to last year’s total enrollees from 4651 to 4897. Alijis Campus increased by 18 percent, Fortune Town by three percent, and Binalbagan by six percent.
From 10, 362 enrollees last academic year, it increased to 11, 069 as of this year enrollment of the four campuses.

CHMSC holds Turnover Ceremony for College Presidency

By Roberto Sumilang and Vanessa Abigail Ledesma

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College welcomes Dr. Renato M. Sorolla as the newly elected College President during the Turnover Ceremony, at CHMSC – Talisay Multi-purpose Hall, July 9, 2012. Dr. Sorolla was the former Dean of the College Industrial Technology of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST).
Dr. Benny A. Palma, the outgoing CHMSC President warmly relinquised the office after his 4 years of service. The program highlights the turning over of the College Maze, Banner, and Medal as well as the budget, projects, 371 faculty members, 169 staff and 11,069 students.
“Thanks for all the learning I’ve got after four years of my stay here at CHMSC. I will cherish it all my life, together with my family,” Dr. Palma shared in his speech.
Dr. Sorolla stated all his primary visions, plans, and programs for the College.

“Today, I am honored to be given this opportunity for stewardship of a good college. Dr. Palma has done a lot of effort. I know that my ability and inspiration in teaching, education and leadership management keep me fitted for this one of a kind duty.” Dr. Sorolla said.
“I am fully aware that the goal is to make CHMSC a center of excellence, a center of development. But I would like to remind you that I did not come here as a one man army. With your full cooperation and active participation, together, we can make CHMSC fit for its statutory functions," Dr. Sorolla added.

CHMSC Elects New Set Of SSG Officers


JULY 13, 2012 became a talk of the day as CHMSC finally proclaimed its new set of Supreme Student Government (SSG) officers through the manner of voting held at the assigned precinct rooms.
Arnel Torrico, BSED III-A, of PARAGON Party won the presidency garnering 1, 642 total votes.
Meanwhile, Torrico’s running mate Catherine Jarder, BEED III-C, was declared as the vice-president.

Eleven other senators were named and Rubi Aguilar topped the rank. Other senators were Ian Bancayan, Christian Castillano, Jacklyn Montes, Adyent Prayco, Love Joy Jacildo, Jaypee Batisla-ong, Debie Tiolo, Mry Grace Galfo, Michael John Sepil, Aldrin Mahilum, and Carlo Entor.
SSG Election is noted as one of the most awaited events in CHMSC that answers the search for the student representatives and leaders that will embody good governance.
Torrico’s problem is to create more projects to pave the way in CHMSC’s development. Dr. Renato Sorolla, CHMSC President, conducted the oath of Office of the new set of SSG Officers at the College AVR on July 19.
CHMSC Student body hopes that the new administration under Torrico will promote integrity in leadership.*By Joefell Francis Balagosa with reports from Gyler Ann Granja

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photography Contest Winners

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Consolation Prize Winner
Consolation Prize Winner

Thursday, January 12, 2012


BORACAY, MALAY-The Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc. (PAPI) joining hand with Boracay Global Press Corps. (BGPC) set the Global Media Convention on December 8-10.
            Global Media Convention underscored the Global Media Forum and the 16th National Press Congress with the centrepiece theme, “Changing Face of the Asian Media”.
            Over 500 delegates and participants were exposed to best practices in media industry and were enabled to interact with and gain knowledge form the expert lecturers. Media practitioners, communicators and enthusiasts both local and foreign gathered in the convention centre of Boracay Regency Hotel.
            Promoted by PAPI as pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1187 declaring every December as National Press Congress Month and Community Press Month in the service of the Nation, the convergence was attended by famous personalities in the field of journalism.
            “We have invited noted speakers and resource persons from the United Nations and other established institutions to address the media event”, Mr. Louie T. Arriola, BGPC Vice President and Convention Chairman said, recently released by The Publishers.
 In the other hand, the start of the Global Media Convention was lauded with the closing of its related media event, the Communication Expo 2011 by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).
During the opening of the media convention, Senator Edgardo J. Angara, Chairman in Committee on Education, Arts, and Culture addressed to the delegates and participants present in the said event.
            Meanwhile, His Excellency Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad, Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines quoted that media plays a big role in promoting tourism. Thus, he also stressed that it affects individual perception and that freedom or press shall be twinned with sense of responsibility. His Excellency, in the other hand, gave complements to the island of Boracay.
            The president of the collaborative ICT Services Division of the Information Capital Technology Ventures Inc., Mr. Tim Diaz de Rivera tackled the Global Trends in Digital Media stressing that Steve Jobs has changed a lot the era of Technology-the online experiences was changed by Digital Media, its future and landscape was collaborated in the Global Trends.
            “You can have newspaper without democracy, but you cannot have democracy without newspaper”, dazzling statement casted by Ms. Belinda Cunanan, controversial Newspaper Columnist, during her discussion in Drawing the Line of Profit, Public Interest, and Ethics.
            Dr. Rene Guioguio, Political and Communication Adviser of the International Committee of the Red Cross gave stand in humanitarian reporting and Protection of Journalists.
            Mr. Chito Sta Romana, former Beijing bureau Chief for ABC News and Emmy Award winning journalist, shared insights in Innovative paradigms in New Media Operations. Sta Romana also shared his story during his stay in China for more than 30 years.
            Mr. Ethan Sun, Deputy Chief of Politic section of the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Philippines clashed over Social Networking as a New Media Dimension.
            Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s columnist and multi-awarded journalist, urged Media Content as a critical Factor in Sustainable Revenue generation.
            Mr. Rey Langit, KBP National Capital Region chairman and pioneer of ABS-CBN’s Radio Patrol, assets during the second evening of the convergence.
            Adapting to the global change in media trends with new forms of media, journalists must learn to foster the sense of flexibility in the crossroad of change.*Joefell Francis Balagosa