Saturday, June 25, 2011

Education Patrol!

By Jolibee Fernandez

It’s six AM on the clock. I was face down for my lesson plan when I momentarily paused myself hands down realizing that soon I will be graduating. At last! After my 10 long years of basic education from elementary to high school, here I am, a soon-to-be-college graduate. I was on cloud nine when suddenly my excitement was interupted as soon as my mother switched on the TV.
Now watching:
“Sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita! Basic Education sa bansa magiging 12 taon?”
I was on the process of reacting. Is the headline a wow or a boogsh? Is it for better or for worse? Let us see.
I know by heart that education is a big factor for me to be  successful , a major defense against minor trouble and an enormous treasure that I can have and live for. That is why I am so proud and providential that I have passed my basic years of education and soon to be a graduate of the same field which is also the Education itself. Fact: the Philippines have the shortest education cycle in the world, the reason why the government has tried certain revisions and laws in order to enhance the educational system. And one of such being proposed by  DepEd was to increase the years of basic education from 10 to 12. This includes 7 years of primary (Elementary) education and 5 years of secondary ( High School)—the K+12.
Wow. I was somehow amazed that they came up to this idea which would surely make changes to the history of educational system, only if successfully implemented. If then, I could picture out that the country will be less of discrimination and will produce vast professionals. This could also be of a great help in the economic status of the country and prove that though I am in the third world country, I can compete with the rest of the world. Oh sounds good!
But  boogsh! I wouldn’t stick on that early imagination and perception when in fact I know that a lot of schools and students suffer from lack of classrooms, chairs, teachers and facilities in which I suggest to be given a priority action. Now, how about if the said program will be implemented? What and where could be the ending of the school children? I guess the government should set first the former problem before they jump into another one. I truly know how it would make difference in the future of the youth and cause the country productive citizens by adding another 2 years in education system. But I can barely help asking myself that if those problems will arise due to lack of national budget, how will the government start such a heavy proposal when the tip of the iceberg couldn’t be even resolved? Such looks like a pretty penny and I guess this is a sign that the country will loan another billions of debt.
Excuse my French but I reckon that the country is not yet ready for this K+12. So I give my thumbs down for now and  patrol dismissed!

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