Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flashflood stirs up CHMSC: midterm exam postponed

When the heavy rain pours and the damage it brings

By Joefell Francis Balagosa

Marking January 11, 2011 in CHMSC-Talisay, a historic flood poured into the state college leaving it to “Knee-deep” flood water that almost covered the college’s ground.
                  The abnormally large amounts of rainfall and the rising of the tide caused the water to inundate some areas in Negros.
The damage
                  Meanwhile, classes in CHMSC-T were called off after the heavy rains pummeled some classrooms and even some College offices-including the Technopacer’s, the SSG’s, and the Cashier’s as well as the Records’ section did not survived the surfeit of flood water. In those reasons, examination for the second semester that was scheduled on January 13-14 was moved to January 17-19.
The dormitory also suffered and lead to the evacuation of its occupants. As it occurred, heavy rains continued to shower Negros leaving several cities flooded.
Across Negros
Not only CHMSC-T suffered from the flood but also some cities in Negros Occ. including Silay City and was declared under state of Calamity. Passengers going to north were stranded for hours due to vehiclular traffic build up as the streets of the city became a river of flood water. A number of students who attended the class earlier this January 12 declined, most of them came from north.
When the tide meets the surfeit of flood water:
                  The same reason which made the city of Silay covered with flood and as to CHMSC-T and the rest of Talisay City was the 1.6-meter high tide, which occurred  roughly the same time Tuesday, also contributed to the sudden rise of flood waters. The flood water that suppose to be dispose on sea was pushed by the rising of the tide and flashed it back on land causing the water to rise for long hours.
Mr. Vicfran Defante, head of the Provincial Disaster Management Program (PDMP), said on Sunstar-Bacolod issue that heavy rains poured from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a rainfall of 78 millimeters. He also added that the heavy rain was due to the effect of La NiƱa weather phenomenon and the tail end of the cold front.

And how the rising of water was timed was same as how it declined.
What is pellucid now is that no solution can solve this natural occurrence, and that every hand should unite and will have to work together to address the problem.

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