Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hands On

The hard and software of modern technology can now be the media of converting realistic concerns, social issues and practical dilemmas into the context of patriotism and nationalism wherein everyone can withstand no limits of degree and status.               
                  A lot of things we could think about the disadvantages that modern technology brought and may bring, yet let us twirl down all those nega factors on to how we could be good and responsible members of our school and of course our society. To what extent can we associate ourselves with this knowledge driven world? To be vigilant and aware is a must. Technology’s impact to humanity is that the gap between a need and a want is borderless.
Awareness, vigilance, and being citizen journalist is already in us, it is an innate character that whenever stimuli seemingly happens it calls for a response. What we need is the will to extend what we can to the extent of our will and capacity in connecting stories and bridging information. It is technology that prompts in inculcating our strength of personality to become functional and active individuals.
There are 2.97 Million Filipinos accessing to Facebook as of year 2010, this figure comprises almost three-fourths of the total country’s population bringing it number six for top FB followers worldwide for the same year. This is a proof that everyone can now be part and parcel of societal development and somehow will lead to economic growth via internet participation. Social networking is becoming a lifestyle such that it became a witness and compilation of every significant event in our lives. Here in the campus, FB becomes one of our BFs. However, momentous events would not mean about bliss and gay moments, rather significant is something reminds us of what had had just happened that touches our ego not only of being a fellow but also of being a human, its nature.

Recently, unexpected flood occurred two days before the scheduled midterm examination [January 13-14] which was rescheduled to January 17-18. Apparently everyone took their participation by taking pictures and videos and it was ingenuity that reigned over fear and anxiety. During the 2010 polls, two prominent TV stations of the country showed how typical Filipinos can contribute in promoting goodwill and implementing change for the country. BOTO MO PATROL MO, Ako ang Simula of ABS-CBN channel 2 and YOUSCOOP of GMA channel 7, apart the rivalry the aim is so obvious, and it is building a better nation with individual participations through science and technology. Consequently, apart from high credits the matter is the truthfulness and reliability for Filipinos to get involve.
Wherever you stand, whatever you do, you can be a citizen journalist. Everyone can be a journalist. Every particular event that is capturing your attention is an equivalent of uploading information, a product of worth and concern which for Juan a better cause.

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