Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CHMSC Takes a Leap towards Excellence

by Joefell Francis Balagosa
with reports from Romela Christy Magturo

Mountains of papers and documents piled up creeping in chambers of what-to-do list, structural plans and organizational schemes were implemented, clean-up activities bang the four nooks of CHMSC community. Those were the telling details of how CHMSC community perseveres to attain the sweet valley of success. CHMSC readies to take the leap towards betterment and excellence.
Here’s our opportunity to take a stand and make a move.

CHMSC Welcomes AACUP Accreditors
Brought with smiles and cheers of gratitude, CHMSC faculty and staff welcomed eleven vibrant and respected Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACUP) Accreditors from various universities and colleges in the Philippines during the welcome program held at the College Audio-visual Room on November 16. Nervous feelings and excitement veiled the confines of the Audio-Visual Room as the Accreditors crossed the threshold and find their places facing the CHMSC Administrators, faculty and staff. Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, AACUP Executive Director disclosed that accreditation is making an objective evaluation during his message. He also added that Level three is a very high level.
CHMSC brought the best of their talents and performances as CHMSC Rondalla serenaded the accreditors with their inspiring performances. Chmsc Chorale put the accreditors at awe in their blending and medleys. Chmsc Dance Art showcased their grooves and moves on the floor. In addition to, selected students from the laboratory school rendered various song numbers that made the accreditors be in their cheerful faces.

AACCUP Accreditors took step checking every corners of the college. Dr. Isabelita S. Bacud served as the Secondary Teacher Education Program Team Leader and Dr. Maria C. Martinez, Industrial Technology Team Leader.

Dr. Marife Daga, Elementary Education Program Team Leader speaks on her personal perspective that CHMSC is spacious and the materials are available. Dr. Daga also concluded that the students are disciplined and neat, thus she also quoted that the students should be more courteous. Regarding in the College operations, Dr. Daga noted that the college is doing well. In the other hand, the pathways need improvement.

CHMSC endeavours for Excellence, Competence and Educational Leadership in Science and Technology. For the past decades, the institution already produced outstanding graduates equipped with quality instruction and responsive approach to environmental and social development. Thus, CHMSC excelled in both academic and leadership field promoting inclusive development and became a part of the improving society. CHMSC trained and developed and will continue to produce responsible citizens.
On its realm of innovating people, CHMSC continues to strive for better purposes. The institution is making its way to promulgate in the next level the quality of instruction that is being accustomed to every student that would enrol in the curriculum. The CHMSC itself brings out the potential from every student providing relevant activities that embodies their skills and talents.
Carlos Hilado’s dream of motivating students to reach out for their dreams made CHMSC a foundation for that. The mission of the institution itself provides lucrative success and beneficial learning and outstanding moral-oriented knowledge. CHMSC is ready to be accredited. CHMSC aims to be the number one state college in Western Visayas.