Saturday, June 25, 2011


By Raffy Berina

Fact: Text messaging makes communication easier and even faster. We use shortcuts o let the recipients receive the reply right away. Using shortcuts helps bridge gaps and most especially it is now used as medium in text messaging considering the fact that most Filipinos of this generation usecell phones. There are times that we misspell words (which is considered to be one of the disadvantages of using shortcuts). Now come to think of using “jejemon” way of texting as medium of messaging. I hope we could still use the alphabet properly and by that ime, words are not words anymore…so sad but it’s possible.
“Beep! 1 message received”. I was working with my visual aids when I received a message. I hurriedly opened the message expecting it was an important one. But to my surprise, I didn’t understand the content. It says: “3owz pf0hz2, KmUz+4?”, “What kind of message is this?” I asked myself and I was shocked to know that it only means “Hello po, kamusta?” they call it “jejemon ”.
Jejemon Letters
Imagine a “jejebook”, “jejename” and laugh like “jejeje” instead of “hehehe”. I think it would be more nose bleeding than the English language and will really make our lips, tongues and jaws go crazy. Supposing you are in a spelling class and your teacher ask you to spell the world “LOVE”? Will you answer? “L-4-V-Z”? How will you spell it or pronounce it either? Complicated. Well, this is not to discourage you to be a “jejemon” or a “jejebuster”. This is just to let you know that in communicating, there should be medium used by the encoder and the decoder of the message which is understood by both. If the person can’t understand your language, then use the language which can be understood. I can’t stop those “jejemons” from playing with their keypads but I can help stop myself from being one of them.
I don’t care about “jejemons” and “jejebusters” but I know this way of texting shall pass just like the “jologs” and “lingos” and it would be part of history in messaging—playing with characters and numbers. Some may consider it as a game, a game I don’t want to play, a history I don’t want to remember and a language which I find tongue twisting. I strongly believe that this is just a test on how strong the Filipino and English languages are. I am not a “jejebuster” nor a “jejemon”. But one thing I am certain: Nothing could ever replace English as my second language and Filipino as my mother tongue.

Initiation… A Revenge

By Love Joy Life Reveche

Initiation comes from the root word “initiate” which means to admit into the membership of an organization or group. This is usually done to persons who are neophytes. Talking about this, as we looked around the campus you can see students who seemed to be very busy seeking for the list of persons in a sheet of bond paper which they called “masters”.
Persons whom they don’t even know and that they would be obliged to spend a lot of time just to find them and have their signatures and time that supposedly intended for their next class or else for the rest of their classes. Isn’t it time consuming? Yes, whether they like it or not they will be forced to follow the tradition.
Is it really a must to have this kind of initiation? Last week when I was
passing the hallway along the canteen, a group of students asked me “Miga may kilala ka di sa ila hu?” he approached me giving a piece of bond paper. I read all the names and found out I haven’t known anyone so I told them “Sorry wala gid ko kilala” they seemed so disgusted…It’s obvious that they were spending so much to find those persons and even their classes were sacrificed. And what’s worst is their masters themselves are abusing them. Letting them do whatever they wanted them to and making them as an object of fun.
One set-up is when the master requested the neophyte to find an ant then kill and bury it, and the most climactic part is when the master wanted the neophyte to dramatize one scene of the movie “Crying Ladies”. The result is a picture of humiliating acts and even merciless killing of a living creature as their subject of the show.  See how appalling the acts are just to make them laugh and take some payback.
Now the question: What is really the purpose of initiation? Is it to discover talents of neophytes? Is it to build unity and camaraderie among neophytes, masters and the whole department? Or it’s just for fun, entertainment and revenge? Does it bring good benefits to the student body? I guess “wala gid”. They are just spending time for useless things. The time which is intended for their other concerns that is more relevant to their lives. Well, I guess revenge is the force that urges them (masters) to do such gone some acts. They are harsh because their previous masters have been harsh in dealing with them too. Now, try to think of this: if you are a master, would you want your fellows to plant grudges on you? Grudges that will be forever embedded in their hearts. As a result, there is nonstop revenge and it will remain as a cycle.

MODERNIZATION: tends to destroy humanity?

By Francis Balagosa

At this modern epoch, people have grown in a world where everything seems so different from the past and it is because of the changes that happened in our society. It affected our fashion, food, architecture, agriculture, medicine, and even our values. There is a delicate line between the positive and negative effects that this modernization has come up. We are thankful that it helped our way in medication and our industry, it improved our way of life-for totality-it made our life easier and convenient. , in fact, as what Theodore Roszak have said “High tech is embedded in the texture of industrial history; it needs to be planned into existence. Otherwise…it will become the same sort of jolting, humanly wasteful leap from one economic stage to another that produced the worst hardships of the first industrial revolution.”
Yet some of us today requester the existence of rapid changes that destroys humanity that occur in our society because of all the great things that it contributed lays the reality that we, Filipinos tend to forget the real values that suppose to  shroud  in our heart. The values that our ancestors have bequeathed on us were all put to shame because it was not given importance. They thought that their legacy of preserving the real Filipino values will continue for last and will help in the sustainability and improvement of our country. Indeed, those were all buried in a deep terrain.
Just a proof that you can notice in a corridor, a student would not even say, “Good morning or Good afternoon”, or while the teacher is going to dismiss the class, the students would be in hurry to leave the room when in fact the teacher haven’t yet dismissed the class. Not only students are seen in this usual scenarios, even teachers did not respect their fellow teachers-they’re fund of flinging harsh words against their co-teachers. Even a child would have the force to argue with his parent. These are just the results of too much exposure to the reality of the earthly modernization.
William Cobbett has said that machines are the product of the mind of man; and their existence distinguishes the civilized man from the savage. We have given the chance to discover new great things which aims to develop our ways of life; by this our technology lifted us from scarcity. Indeed, there is no reason to put our blame in modernization, in fact it is us who don’t know how to mange technology.
Remember that modernization does not tend to make destruction; it is just us who manages the factors that cause the phantoms that we are facing nowadays. We don’t have to blame the reality for having our youths who have “value-deteriorated disease” but us ourselves who haven’t seen the real lesson on the test. Having this era tests us to be more realistic and how much our concern in our Mother Nature. The pessimistic results of the rapid changes in our society only shows that we can make more out of our knowledge that will help in the progress not only of our selves but also for the economic growth of our country.
For  youths, the line between these things are meant to taught you how to manage and balance the gifts of the world-not to praise it, not to give the most importance to it, and not to abuse it but to take use of it as an element for making this world a better place. Because we are expected by Dr. Jose Rizal as the hope of our father land, we should not put him to a big shame-let us obliterate the statement that says, “It’s hard to make a difference especially with the kind of youth we have nowadays”, let us prove to them that even though we are at this age and more of our fellow youths have “value-deteriorated disease” we can still rise the banner that will lift our legacy as youths. We cannot erase in the pages of time the existence of the high-technology that we consider as a factor that deteriorates our aspects in life, the proper and right way to use this great things the modernization has given us would be the best thing that we can do.

Education Patrol!

By Jolibee Fernandez

It’s six AM on the clock. I was face down for my lesson plan when I momentarily paused myself hands down realizing that soon I will be graduating. At last! After my 10 long years of basic education from elementary to high school, here I am, a soon-to-be-college graduate. I was on cloud nine when suddenly my excitement was interupted as soon as my mother switched on the TV.
Now watching:
“Sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita! Basic Education sa bansa magiging 12 taon?”
I was on the process of reacting. Is the headline a wow or a boogsh? Is it for better or for worse? Let us see.
I know by heart that education is a big factor for me to be  successful , a major defense against minor trouble and an enormous treasure that I can have and live for. That is why I am so proud and providential that I have passed my basic years of education and soon to be a graduate of the same field which is also the Education itself. Fact: the Philippines have the shortest education cycle in the world, the reason why the government has tried certain revisions and laws in order to enhance the educational system. And one of such being proposed by  DepEd was to increase the years of basic education from 10 to 12. This includes 7 years of primary (Elementary) education and 5 years of secondary ( High School)—the K+12.
Wow. I was somehow amazed that they came up to this idea which would surely make changes to the history of educational system, only if successfully implemented. If then, I could picture out that the country will be less of discrimination and will produce vast professionals. This could also be of a great help in the economic status of the country and prove that though I am in the third world country, I can compete with the rest of the world. Oh sounds good!
But  boogsh! I wouldn’t stick on that early imagination and perception when in fact I know that a lot of schools and students suffer from lack of classrooms, chairs, teachers and facilities in which I suggest to be given a priority action. Now, how about if the said program will be implemented? What and where could be the ending of the school children? I guess the government should set first the former problem before they jump into another one. I truly know how it would make difference in the future of the youth and cause the country productive citizens by adding another 2 years in education system. But I can barely help asking myself that if those problems will arise due to lack of national budget, how will the government start such a heavy proposal when the tip of the iceberg couldn’t be even resolved? Such looks like a pretty penny and I guess this is a sign that the country will loan another billions of debt.
Excuse my French but I reckon that the country is not yet ready for this K+12. So I give my thumbs down for now and  patrol dismissed!

CHMSC co-hosts Camp Blog 2010

By Azela Batulan and Raymund Christopher Serrantes

In order to fulfill the promise of “bridging the digital divide”, iSchools Project in cooperation with CHMSC-ICT Department (Talisay Campus) conducted Camp Blog 2010 at  Natures Village Resort, Talisay City from May 31 to June 9.
It’s a national gathering of regional ICT champions and iSchools recipients such as students, teachers and school administrators to practice their expertise in their field through the use of blogging.
iSchools Project was the main organizer of the camp and it’s one of the flagship projects of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT).
CICT tapped CHMSC to co-host the event for it served as the provider of the facilities such as computers, technical support, additional staff and logistics preparation to name a few.
“CICT has now 680 official high schools that are part of this project and we are hoping to have 1000 high schools by this year”, Ms. Toni Torres, one of the organizers said.
54 participants including students, teachers and school administrators from iSchools all over the country attended the camp to become competent ICT-for-Education champions in their localities.
Previous camp offered blogging as its main concentration in the seminar however this year, 3 simultaneous events were conducted: Camp Blog 1C-for content generation activity for teachers and advocating blogging as a tool for education and was highlighted by heritage tour to  historic places in Negros Occidental; Camp Blog 2A – first advanced course offered for the camp ; and Framework Planning Workshop on Capacity Building for Teachers (ICT4BE) wherein the participants were mainly school administrators defining a  teachers ICT competencies through actual ICT tools.After the camp in Luzon and Visayas Areas, Camp Blog will set foot next time in Mindanao.


Nina Raffy  Berina at Jolibee Fernandez

Ang lahat ng nakasaad sa akdang ito ay nahulaan lamang sa pamamagitan nga babugso-bugsong ulan at kalat-kalat na pag ambon na direktang tumama sa utak ng mga may-akda. Walang pipigil, walang kokontra, ihanda ang mga panga, dila at ngala-ngala sapagkat ito ay atin atin lamang….Promish!

AKWARYUS (Enero 20-Peb. 18)

Wag kanang umasa na ika’y papapsukin ni papa guardya dahil FREAK KA!WEIRDO!!!agua,AKWARYUS.
Lucky kulay: Bebe blue
Luck numero: otso

PIE-CYST (Peb. 19-Marso 20)

Titigil ka sa pag aaral dahil magbibenta ka sa buwang ito ng iba’t ibang uri ng  PIE kasama na ang pamayPIE. Mag-ingat sa CYST. PIE-CYST.
Lucky kulay: Goiter brown
Lucky numero: 2 Pie R

ARREST (Mar. 21- Abril 19)

Wag mo nang basahin ito dahil alam namin na hindi mo naman ito maiintindihan sapagkat……..teka, bakit mo pa binabasa? Sige na nga basa na! “M474s k4!Jj3jej3jej3j…O ha? Arrestado ka. ARREST.
Lucky kulay: Rusty silver
Lucky numero: Thr33

TAHOO-RUS (Abril 20-Mayo 20)

Walang tulugan ang buwang ito sapagkat malayong-malayo ang mararting mo pagbibenta ng taho. At lagi mong tandaan “Ang buhay ay TAHOO-TAHOO lang.“
Lucky Kulay: Pale Wayt
Lucky numero: Bente kwatro

YEMA-NAY(Mayo 21-Hun 21)

Sasakit ang ngipin mo sa buwang ito. Sapagkat, nangupit ka nanaman ng pera sa bulsa ng nanay para bumili ng yema kay Momay!YEMA-NAY.
Lucky kulay: Carnation
Lucky numero: Piso

CAN’T-SWER (Hun. 22- Hul. 22)

Masisisra ang celpaks mo. Malalaglag ito mula sa mesa at ang resulta: Sira!masisira ang ulo mo dahil hindi na ito makakasagot ng tawag. Unli-call panaman si callmate.
Lucky kulay: Fleeeeemish Green
Lucky numero: 09090011001

LE-YOW (Hul. 23- Agosto 23)

Yow LE-YOW! Cool na cool ka sa buwang itow. Dahil sa ginagawa mow, iinit ang mundow pati na ang ulow mow. Owh LE-YOW!
Lucky kulay Blow
Lucky numero: Zerow

BEER-GO (Agosto 23-Set. 22)

Mamayag ang career mo sa buwang ito. Lasheng ka na naman! Naubos na ang monthly allowance mo, bagsak pa ang ang grado mo! Lashenggero! BEER-GO!
Lucky Kulay: Horsey Red
Lucky numero: Colt 45

LEE-BRA (Set. 23- Okt. 23)
Bubuklatin mo ang Brochure sa buwang ito saPagkat hahanapin mo ang pinakabagong bra para sa’yo. Huwag nang magpahuLEE!! Try one now!! LEE-BRA!
Lucky kulay: Fenkish White
Lucky numero: 36 G

ISKOR-PIHO ( Okt.24- Nob. 24)

Pare-pareho kayo ng ISKOR ng mga klaklse mo sa mga pagsusulit sa buwang ito. Anu nga ba ang senyales na’to? Hmmmmm..ISKOR MO! SHOE MO! ISKOR-PIHO!
Lucky kulay: Bayoleyt
Lucky nimero: 100

SA-“G”-TARIOUS(Nob.22- Dis.21)
Purong puro ka sa buwang ito. At sa susunod na buwan ika’y bibingo! Makinig lamang sa katagang “Sa-“G“-TARIOUS“! rarampa na! Bongga!
Lucky kulay: Biege
Lucky numero: syete]

COPY-CORN (Dis. 22-Enero 19)

Magkaka-stiff neck ka sa buwang ito sapagkat exam na at kailangan tivbayan ang loob at leeg sa pangongopya..Hala COPY na! COPY-CORN.
Lucky kulay: Brown eyes
Lucky numero: 1 Whole

Kamsahamnida Korea

By Jammlyn Tambo-ong & Love Joy Life Reveche  
           As CHMSC’s population began to rise, we may often feel that there is a crowd of new faces of both students and faculties dominating the stairways, corridors and classrooms. But among those unfamiliar faces rise the most noticeable physical feature of a man with a Korean flag embroidered on the left side of his polo shirt.
       He is Kyoung-Min Kim, a native from Seoul, Korea who was born on July 7, 1969. He is married o You-Jung Kwon and has a 10-year old son named Yohan Kim. His family presently lives in Korea. He graduated at Hanyang University on 1988 with the course of Bachelor in Education major in Physical Education. He also finished one year vocational training on electronics on Dongyang Technical College.
He works in Sangyong Motor Company which is one of the biggest motor companies in Korea. Kyoung-Min Kim was sent by the Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA) to work as a volunteer in our school.
        To come here may not be easy for him. Perhaps, he still strives to adjust himself with the Filipino culture, our lifestyle, weather and most especially our language. But his dedication and eagerness to learn had been a great help for him to be able to communicate with the people around. In fact, he already uses few of Tagalog and Hiligaynon words when he talks.
He arrived in CHMSC last June 30. With his few weeks of stay in our school, he is glad to describe that CHMSC is a big school whose students are polite and friendly. He feels welcome to see their bright faces every day.
          He will be staying in the office of the College of Industrial Technology for two years. His purpose is to share his knowledge about the modern approach of automotive technology as he will be willingly giving professional advice about motor vehicles by conducting series of lectures. Along with KOICA, Kyoung-Min also aims to expand the facilities used by the automotive and electronics technology students and faculties.
           CHMSC appreciates his generous purpose. Indeed, we are very thankful that there are those kind-hearted volunteers like Kyoung-Min Kim who are willing to extend their services for our school’s improvement. He says that he appreciates the bond between the Korean and Philippine government. And with their good plans and friendship, CHMSC will be able to see its better development in order to be competitive and meet the challenge of globalization.

The “Wheel” to Fulfill

 By Azela Batulan

It was the summer of 2010 when CHMSCians saw him. And since then, he became a head turner for he is a clear picture of a determined person, willing to acquire education despite all the odds.

He is Edson M. Leyte, a 19-year-old student from Purok Tumpok, Zone 15
. And as his wheelchair keeps on moving, his eagerness towards learning and earning a Bachelor Degree keeps him going and continue to flame. His very supportive mother and brother are his strength and inspiration in attaining all his goals.
Way back at the age of 7, Edson encountered an accident which greatly affects his spinal cord, that caused him to stay at his wheelchair. From then on, a new chapter in his life unfolds. Changes occurred that transformed him into a stronger and better person. Despite some difficulties he never stopped believing in his potentials. In fact, he had accomplished a lot because he has the will.
He finished his elementary years at Banago Elementary School and secondary at Doña Montserrat Lopez Memorial High School. After which, he enrolled at RTC TESDA, Talisay taking Consumer Electronics Servicing which paved his way to pass the NC II examination.
Furthermore, he ranked number 1 in the over-all result for enrollment of BSIT- Electronics Technology program for this qualifying school year. Aside from doing well in academics, he does excellently in drawing.
“Physical disabilities are not a hindrance for a person to realize his ambition and for him to be successful.” this said Edson.
He also added that hopefully, five years from now, he would see himself a successful individual in his chosen field and in the future to have either his own company, be it a small or large business to prop up his family’s needs.

Parting like it's the end of the world

 By Jolibee Fernandez

That was after watching 2012, the movie, when I curiously wondered how humanity will really come to an end.
                 Well, who can tell? Nobody knows, but probably not that much. However, I truly know that not everyone, not even I, is looking forward nor wishing such doomsday to turn out.
                 “If the bee disappeared of the surface of the globe, the man would only have four years of life left. No more animals, no more pollination, no more plants, no more man.” Albert Einstein once said this. Lately, the world is abuzz with the occurrence of different calamities. Wherever in this world, be it in moorland, lowland, local or international and even in the deserts, droughts and floods subsisted. How alarming! Land deformations, rising of sea levels, avalanches, blizzards, contractible diseases, earthquakes, cyclones, famines, floods, landslides, heat waves, storms, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, wildfires and climate change are a number of phenomena which we are now afraid of. Yes, the world is certainly different now! And here’s how the theories and concepts of 2012 emerged. But does it really makes sense thinking that these are all warning signs that the world will be thrown into utter chaos and violent upheaval soon? Or that these catastrophes are fuss on what the Bible foresees about the completion of creation?
What’s on your mind?
2012, this date has been much chattered to spread alarm and puzzlement of every people. From all those plotted presumptions and tales of end, such date has been marked and awaited to what is really supposed to happen. I was blown out knowing that there are already some cultures who already knew little about the true implication of 2012 and what it stands for yet again, this is accordance to their ancient beliefs.
Hopi: They have predicted the coming of the White Man and the existence of new age where all of this will come to an end and that humanity will enter into 5th world.
Mayans: They have the long count calendar that is coming to an end, according to them, we are about to enter the completion of creation.
Hindus: they follow the lunar calendar that foresees the end of Kali Yuga (end time of man) and rebirth of enlightened ones.
Incas: The Inca calendar says to end the year 2012 which for them is the turning over of life and alignment of the Earth, Sun and our galaxy soon.
Those are just main civilizations that points towards the prediction of the coming age. I personally have a natural feeling to fear these 2012 prophecies just like what my eyes have glimpsed of the movie 2012 especially that the said date is so close by after this year.  Of course, whoever perceives this will truly be alarmed into panic. Anything could happen and I know that the term Armageddon is possible. So possible that Jesus may return at any time or any certain events must take place prior to his comeback. One has really no control beyond of it for God only knows if this will happen and how. So instead of wasting time disputing to such unwanted event, I’d rather live life as if it’s my last day to which I could justly feel the essence of my existence in this world
Yes, the questions in my mind will remain unanswered not unless I’ve witnessed our earth so close to crashing (I do not hope so). Therefore, I don’t believe that humankind will vanish nor earth will burn up in the upcoming 2012 because of 3 reasons. (1) No one yet has ever made predictions except God (2) It was said that the world will end many times yet we’re still here kicking and (3) to see is to believe. What’s expected for sure is that more natural calamites will approach in the coming years due to disturbances in the balance of nature caused by our reckless exploitation of nature. And I assume that such a day will just pass like any ordinary day, God’s with me and with every earthlings, the details are just theory and some might be false already and I need not to be alarmed for nothing bad can ever happen!  

Speak Up

Hands On

The hard and software of modern technology can now be the media of converting realistic concerns, social issues and practical dilemmas into the context of patriotism and nationalism wherein everyone can withstand no limits of degree and status.               
                  A lot of things we could think about the disadvantages that modern technology brought and may bring, yet let us twirl down all those nega factors on to how we could be good and responsible members of our school and of course our society. To what extent can we associate ourselves with this knowledge driven world? To be vigilant and aware is a must. Technology’s impact to humanity is that the gap between a need and a want is borderless.
Awareness, vigilance, and being citizen journalist is already in us, it is an innate character that whenever stimuli seemingly happens it calls for a response. What we need is the will to extend what we can to the extent of our will and capacity in connecting stories and bridging information. It is technology that prompts in inculcating our strength of personality to become functional and active individuals.
There are 2.97 Million Filipinos accessing to Facebook as of year 2010, this figure comprises almost three-fourths of the total country’s population bringing it number six for top FB followers worldwide for the same year. This is a proof that everyone can now be part and parcel of societal development and somehow will lead to economic growth via internet participation. Social networking is becoming a lifestyle such that it became a witness and compilation of every significant event in our lives. Here in the campus, FB becomes one of our BFs. However, momentous events would not mean about bliss and gay moments, rather significant is something reminds us of what had had just happened that touches our ego not only of being a fellow but also of being a human, its nature.

Recently, unexpected flood occurred two days before the scheduled midterm examination [January 13-14] which was rescheduled to January 17-18. Apparently everyone took their participation by taking pictures and videos and it was ingenuity that reigned over fear and anxiety. During the 2010 polls, two prominent TV stations of the country showed how typical Filipinos can contribute in promoting goodwill and implementing change for the country. BOTO MO PATROL MO, Ako ang Simula of ABS-CBN channel 2 and YOUSCOOP of GMA channel 7, apart the rivalry the aim is so obvious, and it is building a better nation with individual participations through science and technology. Consequently, apart from high credits the matter is the truthfulness and reliability for Filipinos to get involve.
Wherever you stand, whatever you do, you can be a citizen journalist. Everyone can be a journalist. Every particular event that is capturing your attention is an equivalent of uploading information, a product of worth and concern which for Juan a better cause.

CHMSC bags second in RSCUAA meet

By Raymond Serrantes

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College [CHMSC] participants placed second in the over-all results of PASUC – VI Academic Cultural Festival during the Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association [RSCUAA] Meet 2011.
Aklan State University [ASU] hosted the event on December 18 – 22, 2010.
Ruel Silvano and Edmar Villanueva grabbed gold medals and outshined other contenders in Government and Culture Quiz Bee and Poetry Interpretation respectively.
Among the participating schools were Capiz State University [CAPSU], GSC, Iloilo State College of Fisheries, Negros State College of Agriculture, Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College, University of Antique, Western Visayas College of Science and Technology, and West Visayas State University.
Other schools that made it to the top 5 include ASU and CAPSU.
“We [CHMSC] made it to the top 3 it is because of the willingness and eagerness of our talented participants to learn and to have rigid practice with their respective coaches and the full support given by the faculty and administration”, Campus Wide Cultural Coordinator Ger-Ann Lopez said.
“Next time we will work harder and we will aim for the championship”, Lopez added.

ICT dept opens 2 new labs

By Azela Batulan
& Hariette Montaño

To answer the growing number of clientele and to provide a facility for English proficiency, the Information and Communications Technology Department created the new Internet Laboratory 2 and renovated the Speech Laboratory, respectively.
ICT Department procured an additional 50 units of computers wherein 26 new units went to the Internet Laboratory 2 and the rest of the units were for the new Speech Laboratory.
Furthermore, the Speech Laboratory will serve all CHMSCians with subjects related to its use and it is considered as a Multi-Media Laboratory wherein users can share videos and recorded speech. Engr. Albert Joseph Gonzalo Monge, ICT director, said that the new Speech Lab can also venture to call center training because of its up-to-date technologies and equipments.
Part of the ICT's development plan for the next school year are the renovation and upgrading of facilities for the computer laboratories especially Rm. 401 and 402.
Aside from that, Engr. Monge said that they are planning to impose the "no Expiry Internet Connection"-which means that the 15 hours of internet access for the students paying internet fee if not fully consumed for the semester, it will be accumulated or added to the next semester.
They are also planning to impose Queuing System in order to organize the accommodation on the internet laboratories to serve fairly the CHMSCians.
Since we are nationally competitive state college, we are living to meet the standards of the fast changing technology to suffice the needs for knowledge and skills.

Flashflood stirs up CHMSC: midterm exam postponed

When the heavy rain pours and the damage it brings

By Joefell Francis Balagosa

Marking January 11, 2011 in CHMSC-Talisay, a historic flood poured into the state college leaving it to “Knee-deep” flood water that almost covered the college’s ground.
                  The abnormally large amounts of rainfall and the rising of the tide caused the water to inundate some areas in Negros.
The damage
                  Meanwhile, classes in CHMSC-T were called off after the heavy rains pummeled some classrooms and even some College offices-including the Technopacer’s, the SSG’s, and the Cashier’s as well as the Records’ section did not survived the surfeit of flood water. In those reasons, examination for the second semester that was scheduled on January 13-14 was moved to January 17-19.
The dormitory also suffered and lead to the evacuation of its occupants. As it occurred, heavy rains continued to shower Negros leaving several cities flooded.
Across Negros
Not only CHMSC-T suffered from the flood but also some cities in Negros Occ. including Silay City and was declared under state of Calamity. Passengers going to north were stranded for hours due to vehiclular traffic build up as the streets of the city became a river of flood water. A number of students who attended the class earlier this January 12 declined, most of them came from north.
When the tide meets the surfeit of flood water:
                  The same reason which made the city of Silay covered with flood and as to CHMSC-T and the rest of Talisay City was the 1.6-meter high tide, which occurred  roughly the same time Tuesday, also contributed to the sudden rise of flood waters. The flood water that suppose to be dispose on sea was pushed by the rising of the tide and flashed it back on land causing the water to rise for long hours.
Mr. Vicfran Defante, head of the Provincial Disaster Management Program (PDMP), said on Sunstar-Bacolod issue that heavy rains poured from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a rainfall of 78 millimeters. He also added that the heavy rain was due to the effect of La Niña weather phenomenon and the tail end of the cold front.

And how the rising of water was timed was same as how it declined.
What is pellucid now is that no solution can solve this natural occurrence, and that every hand should unite and will have to work together to address the problem.