Saturday, June 25, 2011

Initiation… A Revenge

By Love Joy Life Reveche

Initiation comes from the root word “initiate” which means to admit into the membership of an organization or group. This is usually done to persons who are neophytes. Talking about this, as we looked around the campus you can see students who seemed to be very busy seeking for the list of persons in a sheet of bond paper which they called “masters”.
Persons whom they don’t even know and that they would be obliged to spend a lot of time just to find them and have their signatures and time that supposedly intended for their next class or else for the rest of their classes. Isn’t it time consuming? Yes, whether they like it or not they will be forced to follow the tradition.
Is it really a must to have this kind of initiation? Last week when I was
passing the hallway along the canteen, a group of students asked me “Miga may kilala ka di sa ila hu?” he approached me giving a piece of bond paper. I read all the names and found out I haven’t known anyone so I told them “Sorry wala gid ko kilala” they seemed so disgusted…It’s obvious that they were spending so much to find those persons and even their classes were sacrificed. And what’s worst is their masters themselves are abusing them. Letting them do whatever they wanted them to and making them as an object of fun.
One set-up is when the master requested the neophyte to find an ant then kill and bury it, and the most climactic part is when the master wanted the neophyte to dramatize one scene of the movie “Crying Ladies”. The result is a picture of humiliating acts and even merciless killing of a living creature as their subject of the show.  See how appalling the acts are just to make them laugh and take some payback.
Now the question: What is really the purpose of initiation? Is it to discover talents of neophytes? Is it to build unity and camaraderie among neophytes, masters and the whole department? Or it’s just for fun, entertainment and revenge? Does it bring good benefits to the student body? I guess “wala gid”. They are just spending time for useless things. The time which is intended for their other concerns that is more relevant to their lives. Well, I guess revenge is the force that urges them (masters) to do such gone some acts. They are harsh because their previous masters have been harsh in dealing with them too. Now, try to think of this: if you are a master, would you want your fellows to plant grudges on you? Grudges that will be forever embedded in their hearts. As a result, there is nonstop revenge and it will remain as a cycle.

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  1. hmmmmm..nong 1st year..ko pinahirap ako ng master ko...pero ako namn magpapahirap ng utos sa akin...kaso nakaka-awa naman ang akin pinag-initan wala nam sya kasalan..hai...pero wla ko magagawa....dapat maranasan nila ang ang naranasan ko sa master ko last year...on this 2011 i shall ako na man..heheheh jouk lng hindi ko papahirap cla ah...