Saturday, June 25, 2011

ICT dept opens 2 new labs

By Azela Batulan
& Hariette Montaño

To answer the growing number of clientele and to provide a facility for English proficiency, the Information and Communications Technology Department created the new Internet Laboratory 2 and renovated the Speech Laboratory, respectively.
ICT Department procured an additional 50 units of computers wherein 26 new units went to the Internet Laboratory 2 and the rest of the units were for the new Speech Laboratory.
Furthermore, the Speech Laboratory will serve all CHMSCians with subjects related to its use and it is considered as a Multi-Media Laboratory wherein users can share videos and recorded speech. Engr. Albert Joseph Gonzalo Monge, ICT director, said that the new Speech Lab can also venture to call center training because of its up-to-date technologies and equipments.
Part of the ICT's development plan for the next school year are the renovation and upgrading of facilities for the computer laboratories especially Rm. 401 and 402.
Aside from that, Engr. Monge said that they are planning to impose the "no Expiry Internet Connection"-which means that the 15 hours of internet access for the students paying internet fee if not fully consumed for the semester, it will be accumulated or added to the next semester.
They are also planning to impose Queuing System in order to organize the accommodation on the internet laboratories to serve fairly the CHMSCians.
Since we are nationally competitive state college, we are living to meet the standards of the fast changing technology to suffice the needs for knowledge and skills.

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