Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kamsahamnida Korea

By Jammlyn Tambo-ong & Love Joy Life Reveche  
           As CHMSC’s population began to rise, we may often feel that there is a crowd of new faces of both students and faculties dominating the stairways, corridors and classrooms. But among those unfamiliar faces rise the most noticeable physical feature of a man with a Korean flag embroidered on the left side of his polo shirt.
       He is Kyoung-Min Kim, a native from Seoul, Korea who was born on July 7, 1969. He is married o You-Jung Kwon and has a 10-year old son named Yohan Kim. His family presently lives in Korea. He graduated at Hanyang University on 1988 with the course of Bachelor in Education major in Physical Education. He also finished one year vocational training on electronics on Dongyang Technical College.
He works in Sangyong Motor Company which is one of the biggest motor companies in Korea. Kyoung-Min Kim was sent by the Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA) to work as a volunteer in our school.
        To come here may not be easy for him. Perhaps, he still strives to adjust himself with the Filipino culture, our lifestyle, weather and most especially our language. But his dedication and eagerness to learn had been a great help for him to be able to communicate with the people around. In fact, he already uses few of Tagalog and Hiligaynon words when he talks.
He arrived in CHMSC last June 30. With his few weeks of stay in our school, he is glad to describe that CHMSC is a big school whose students are polite and friendly. He feels welcome to see their bright faces every day.
          He will be staying in the office of the College of Industrial Technology for two years. His purpose is to share his knowledge about the modern approach of automotive technology as he will be willingly giving professional advice about motor vehicles by conducting series of lectures. Along with KOICA, Kyoung-Min also aims to expand the facilities used by the automotive and electronics technology students and faculties.
           CHMSC appreciates his generous purpose. Indeed, we are very thankful that there are those kind-hearted volunteers like Kyoung-Min Kim who are willing to extend their services for our school’s improvement. He says that he appreciates the bond between the Korean and Philippine government. And with their good plans and friendship, CHMSC will be able to see its better development in order to be competitive and meet the challenge of globalization.

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